Greenprint Certification

Greenprint Certification SealGreenprint Certification is a program for organizations, non-profits, community groups, governments, and businesses whose own projects, programs and initiatives align with the actionable recommendations contained in GREENPRINT 2015/2040. Visit to read the plan.

Applicants may submit a project for certification in alignment with actions from the plan’s eight Strategic Directions:

  1. A Regional Interconnected Network of Parks, Greenways, and Open Spaces;
  2. Equitable Participation and Community Ownership;
  3. Enhanced Access through Transportation Choices;
  4. Healthy and Safe Communities;
  5. Improved Neighborhoods and Fair Housing Choices;
  6. Sustainable Resources and a Quality Environment
  7. A Productive Workforce and Economy;
  8. Effective Long-term Regional Planning

Once certified, the project, program, or initiative will be added to the certified project database (click here).


Certifying your project demonstrates your organization’s commitment to the values and objectives promoted in the plan. Certification publicly recognizes the contributions your organization has made to the success of the plan’s implementation. In some cases, certification may make your project more competitive for certain funding opportunities.



Eligible projects, programs, and initiatives must be owned and managed by a government, business, nonprofit, or community group based in the Mid-South region, as defined by the Greenprint Concept Map. Before they are eligible for certification, governments, businesses, non-profits, and community groups must endorse or adopt GREENPRINT 2015/2040 as the regional vision for green space.

Download the standard endorsement letter.

Projects, programs and initiatives will achieve certification if outcomes address at least one of plan’s recommended actions and can demonstrate a larger impact by relating project success to other actions, objectives, or Strategic Directions associated with the plan. A full list of Strategic Directions, objectives, and actions can be found on the following pages or within the plan itself, GREENPRINT 2015/2040.



Step 1: Identify the Strategic Direction/s, objective/s, and action/s that most closely correspond with your project goals.

NOTE:  Download the Greenprint Project Certification Guide or Read the Greenprint Plan to identify the corresponding actions.

Step 2: ★ Click here to begin your application. 

NOTE:  Download a copy of the application questions.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the Certification Committee to approve your application.


Notice of Approval

Once a project has been submitted, please wait 2-3 weeks for the Certification Committee to review the materials. If your project is accepted, you will receive a notification via email. If your project is certified, you will receive a certification letter, media kit to announce your certification, and high resolution “Greenprint Certified” image files.


How to Maintain Certification

To maintain Greenprint certification, the applying organization must submit semi-annual updates on the status of the project for the Greenprint Mid-Year Report (May) and the Annual Report (November). Updates can be emailed to john.michels (at) or submitted through the Certification Application form – just click “Update the status of an already certified project” on the first page of the application.


Approval Process

Projects submitted for certification will be reviewed by the Certification Committee, a sub-committee of the Greenprint Marketing and Outreach Committee.

Both the Greenprint Marketing and Outreach Committee and the Executive Committee reserve the right, at any time, to modify, alter, update, or remove portions of the Certification requirements and guidelines, without notice to you. Furthermore, notwithstanding anything to the contrary on the Site or otherwise, these committees reserve the right to reject any project submission for any reason or for no reason in the committees’ sole discretion.  Applicants may re-apply with guidance from the Marketing and Outreach Committee.