Friends of the Greenprint

Friends of GreenprintJoin Friends of the Greenprint to support existing projects and inspire new efforts to implement the regional Greenprint and Sustainability plan in communities across the Mid-South.

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Its easy to become a Friend of the Greenprint – just be a friend.  Talk to your neighbors about the importance of plan; write a letter or respond to an op-ed in the paper; attend public meetings to advocate for implementation; attend community meetings to build awareness of the plan. Contribute where you are able.

If you would like to assume one of our more formal volunteer roles, consider joining one of our three teams:

  • Presentation Team – The presentation team will be trained to give formal presentations on the Greenprint plan.  This team will help schedule information sessions in 2016, and lead those presentations.  Join this team if you enjoy public speaking or are interested in launching implementation efforts in a particular community or area.
  • Event Team – The event team will identify and attend community events where Greenprint should have a presence.  Available team members will then talk about the plan and distribute information to curious event attendees.
  • Project Support Team – The project support team will consist of those who want to get more hands on and volunteer to support greenprint partners in actual implementation efforts.  This team will also identify potential Greenprint partner organizations who have not yet endorsed the plan.

If your neighborhood wants to hear a Greenprint presentation by a Friend of the Greenprint, please let us know and we’ll work with you to schedule it.  Contact us at john.michels (at)

The Greenprint Consortium sought to incorporate unprecedented levels of community engagement in the planning process through a variety of outreach tools.  This level of involvement helped strengthen the final plan and shaped many of the recommendations, especially those that aim to continue and enhance the participation of diverse and underrepresented communities in future implementation efforts.

In 2016, Friends of the Greenprint will continue this important community outreach, visiting communities, neighborhood associations, partner events and more to spread awareness of the Greenprint plan and to kickstart local discussions on how best to implement the plan.

If you would like to learn more about Friends of the Greenprint, please attend one of the upcoming meetings listed below or email john.michels (at)  If you would like to schedule an information/engagement session in your community, you may also reach out to john.michels (at)