Health Impact Assessment

hia logoHealth impact assessment (HIA) is a tool used to inform decision-making around policies, plans, and projects that have the potential to impact community health, even though these decisions may not typically occur within a traditional public health context.  The Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan includes an HIA in order to equip the regional community with the knowledge and tools needed to apply a health lens to the decisions that stem from vision.

There are six stages to Health impact assessment: screening, scoping, assessment, recommendations, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation.

The first stage of the HIA process is Screening, which involves choosing decision points which may influence health and could benefit from a deeper analysis of potential health impacts. The eight Strategic Directions identified in the regional vision provide the decision points for the Greenprint HIA.

Scoping is the next stage of HIA and sets the foundation for the assessment phase. Here, roles for stakeholders are determined, geographic boundaries for the assessment are delineated, an exhaustive list of possible health topics is narrowed down to those that are of most concern or most actionable, and populations that may experience disproportionate impacts are defined.

Assessment typically includes two components: baseline conditions and potential impacts on those conditions that may stem from specific decisions. The preliminary report for the Greenprint HIA (see below) provides a thorough assessment of baseline conditions.

health rankingDeveloping Recommendations based on the evidence compiled during the assessment and the input of stakeholders is the fourth stage of HIA, followed by Reporting and Evaluation.

An HIA Advisory Group of regional stakeholders was assembled to help translate the evidence presented in the final HIA linked below into recommendations for the final Greenprint Plan to improve health throughout the region. These recommendations dealt with location, design, programming, or many other facets of green infrastructure covered in the final Greenprint Plan and its implementation.

As part of the Health Impact Assessment for the Mid-South Regional Greenprint, a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Online Toolkit has been developed for public use.  The toolkit describes how HIA can be used, provides general HIA resources, and resources organized by stage and Strategic Direction.



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HIA Executive Summary

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