Vision for 2040

The Mid-South Region in 2040

The Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan is a 25-year plan that envisions a region of connected communities that are united in creating a high quality of life; a region where the physical and social environments are sustainable for future generations; and where all people can access abundant economic, social and natural opportunities.


up-arrow thumbEveryone is included in decision-making,including traditionally marginalized populations

up-arrow thumbAccess is available to greenways, bikeways, transit, and other modes of alternative transportation throughout the region, including low-income and minority neighborhoods

down-arrow thumbSocial and economic disparities are reduced or eliminated in disadvantaged populations, including reduction in poverty levels and a measurable increase in essential goods and services in low-income neighborhoods

up-arrow thumbEveryone has high access to healthcare and quality fresh foods, especially those with fewer means

down-arrow thumbOverall combined housing and transportation costs per household have decreased

up-arrow thumbMore people are close to walking trails, parks and schools

up-arrow thumbSafe and walkable neighborhoods are created, improving public health outcomes

up-arrow thumbImproved quality of life enhances regional economic competitiveness, thereby attracting and retaining businesses, residents and visitors, and creating access to quality jobs

up-arrow thumbHealth of the region’s environmental systems is improved, with cleaner water and air, reduced flooding and pollution, sustained and sustainable working lands, and better quality and quantity of natural habitats