Millington subplanning


Subplanning Profiles: Greenways Master Plan for Millington

The City of Millington received a subplanning award to create a greenway plan that connects parks, recreational areas, employment centers, and residential neighborhoods throughout the city.  Dalhoff Thomas design|studio, a local landscape architecture firm, will assist with this project.  The project will be a plan of how to link Millingtons’ park system by trails and bike lanes, conserve key open spaces, protect waterways, provide alternative transportation options for citizens, promote a healthier lifestyle, and provide connections to Tipton County and Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park.

The City of Millington does not have a comprehensive greenways plan.  Recently, a survey was conducted to poll community interest in creating a safe trail system.  The goals of this plan are to inventory existing conditions, conduct public outreach through meetings and forums, and identify existing greenway corridors that could serve as a greenway connection such as waterways and utility easements.  In addition, it will address general design criteria and standards for trail amenities such as surfaces, signage, widths, and accessibility.

The City of Millington, through Dalhoff Thomas design|studio, will produce a base map of existing conditions, conduct public outreach, and develop a greenway plan with information on existing park system and corridors, destination points, proposed corridors, and trail head areas.   Estimated completion date is April 2014.

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