Targets for Action

The Greenprint’s targets for action represent achievements expected after the first 5 years of plan implementation. Each target corresponds to a vision statement of the regional plan in addition to actions of the Strategic Directions. Targets were selected based on contributions by Consortium working groups, two public surveys, and input from the public collected in over 20 community meetings following the visioning phase.

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Greenprint Certified Projects

Greenprint Certified Projects address the range of recommended actions issued in the region’s green space and sustainability plan, Greenprint 2015/2040. If your organization or jurisdiction has a project that qualifies for certification, you may submit your project for certification here.

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Subplanning Demonstration Projects

Phase 2 of the Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan involved conducting 20 local or topic-specific demonstration projects to advance recommendations and goals of the regional plan. Twenty projects were conducted by consortium member organizations and represent early targets for implementation of GREENPRINT 2015/2040.

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The Trail Network

The Mid-South Greenprint recommends establishing a network of 499 miles of greenway trails and 196 miles of bicycle lanes.

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