Advocacy and Outreach Toolkit

Many know the Mid-South Regional Greenprint Plan (“Greenprint”) as the plan to connect a network of trails, bike lanes, and green space across the region. This interpretation is legitimate, but such a description does not capture the full intent nor the potential impact of the 25-year plan. Understanding the comprehensive nature of the Greenprint can take time, but doing so will provide local advocates with the context needed to seek and achieve meaningful change in the Mid-South region.

This Advocacy and Outreach toolkit was created with the help of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to help local advocates better understand the Greenprint plan, and to provide the training and resources necessary to inspire effective community outreach. In deploying this toolkit, we hope to build a strong cadre of local champions who will in turn grow and nurture a passionate grassroots support base. As a result, Greenprint advocates will be prepared to defend the importance of the plan’s implementation, so that when local leaders make decisions, they are compelled to do so in a way that is mindful and consistent with its recommendations.


Advocacy and Outreach Toolkit Cover

Download the Greenprint Advocacy and Outreach Toolkit (PDF 11.6MB)