Fair Housing and Equity

MemphisAI draft 10 13 11 FINALThe Fair Housing and Equity Assessment (FHEA) is a required study of the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant.  This activity allows the Mid-South Region the opportunity to assess existing research on fair housing in the region, engage community stakeholders to learn about fair housing and equity issues present in the region, consider fair housing and equity issues at the regional scale, and compare issues across jurisdictions to gain a shared understanding of fair housing, equity, access, and connectivity in the region.

The Fair Housing and Equity Assessment report considered existing plans and data analysis, qualitative data analysis, and community engagement to address:

  • Areas of racial/ethnic segregation and integration
  • Racial/ethnic concentrated areas of poverty
  • Existing areas of high opportunity
  • Major Public Investments, including investment in pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and green infrastructure
  • Fair housing issues, services, and activities

The FHEA report makes recommendations on how the Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan can address these issues of fair housing and equity in order to create a more sustainable and livable region for all. To download and read the Fair Housing and Equity Assessment, click on the image of the study below.