Trail Corridor Handbook

The Greenprint Trail Corridor Handbook (PDF 31MB) was designed to give an in-depth look at the trail system recommended in Greenprint 2015/2040’s Concept Map.  The proposed regional trail network is intended to improve walking and biking access to green space, town centers, jobs, schools, health services, and other destinations across the region.  The network includes 499 miles of greenway trails and 196 miles of on-road connectors.

This Trail Corridor Handbook breaks down the 695 mile network into 93 smaller segments, showing each in a more detailed view. Every mapped segment in this handbook is accompanied by a reference to the larger concept map, the total segment mileage, political jurisdictions crossed, adjacent parks and schools, other Greenprint trail connections, and major street crossings. Additionally, map pages for off- road trail corridors include a listing of possible challenges to trail development including FEMA flood zone crossings, NWI wetlands crossing, river & lake crossings, active rail crossings, and all road crossings, while pages for on-street connectors contain proposed route and road classifications.