Shelby Farms Park Conservancy received a subplanning award to focus on improving the bicycle and pedestrian access from adjoining neighborhoods to Shelby Farms Park and Shelby Farm Greenline.  Ritchie Smith Associates, a local landscape architecture firm, is partnering in this process.  The project seeks to strengthen relationships with the surrounding neighborhood and improve access and linkages from those neighborhoods to the greenline and park.

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy’s goal in this subplanning project is to provide safe connections at specific locations between Shelby Farms Greenline and adjacent neighborhoods.  Intended results of the improved connections is to increase property values in surrounding neighborhoods, strengthen community ties, affect public health in a positive way, and increase community support for the park.

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, through Ritchie Smith Associates, will develop design documents for four access points to the park and greenline, engage the local community in public meetings, and develop an outreach strategy to attract more trail-users.  The four access points will be at Perkins Road, Shelby Place Neighborhood, Appling Crosswalk, and Gameday Baseball facility.  Ritchie Smith Associates will analyze each site, prepare construction cost estimates, and develop a management plan.  Estimated completion date is September 2014.

This is the nineteenth in a series of articles profiling the projects selected for funding through the Greenprint subplanning awards. A new profile will be posted each day through mid-November.